How to get the Diablo 3 Gold in a Quickest Way?

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Do you want to get thein a very quickest way? Here are some tips for you to get it, learn from that.
Flipping Commodities. All the items that can be listed in stacks are referred to as commodities, and are awesome on the AH. Because you can list any amount you want and cancel anytime, you don't have the same restrictions that you do with weapons and armor, allowing you to be much more flexible and fluid in your pricing. Clicking “search” multiple times will allow you to catch great deals on the auction house, which you can quickly snatch up and re-post for a larger price. One of the Diablo 3 Gold Secrets Forum was able to make 500, 000 in a 24 hour period with gem flipping alone.
Vendor Rings and Amulets. For some reasons amulets and rings from vendors can be better than most of the drops for that Act. They also randomly generate every time you log-in, meaning you can re-roll your vendors until you get an awesome item to sell. Look for items that have a high primary stat like Strength, Dexterity or Intelligence as well as any damage modifier for quick and profitable sales. Don't use up more that 3 or 4 of your auction slots on these items, so that you have diversification and mobility.
Selling Your Gold. The basic idea is that when everyone is leveling up at the same time gold is going to be a hot commodity. The price is going to start surprisingly high, maybe even as high as $0. 50/1, 000 gold and drop dramatically towards fractions of a penny per 1, 000 gold. Every dime you spend on the first and second day is going to cost you more if you had waited to spend it on day 5. Be very mindful of where you spend your gold on in the beginning, because it may cost you more than you think. Don't spend money training your Blacksmith who you don't plan to use until its higher level. Instead, cash out on the Real-Money Auction house, save your money and buy gold back a week later.

Beware the power of the Red Gems! Ruby Gems add insane damage when socketed in weapons, exceeding all other DPS of comparable weapons. This will likely be fixed soon, as it seems to be slightly imbalanced, until then use it for your DPS as well as to sell on the AH, you will appear higher on the list because of the increased DPS.
Obey the methods, the fastbelongs to you.


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